At KineticSkunk™, we excel in delivering specialised services in the realms DevOps, DevSecOps and Observability using premier platforms like GitLab, AWS, Azure, and DataDog. Our focus is to enhance the security and efficiency of your software development lifecycle.

GitLab for Integrated DevOps

We’ll help you explore the full potential of GitLab's integrated CI/CD and security features. Our GitLab services streamline your development process, ensuring fast, secure software delivery.

Kinetic Skunk™ is a GitLab Open Partner and Professional Services Partner.
Access your GitLab Free Trial here.

AWS for Scalable CI/CD and Security

Utilise AWS to implement scalable and secure CI/CD pipelines, leveraging its robust cloud infrastructure for enhanced application security.

Kinetic Skunk™ is an AWS Select Partner.

Azure for Scalable CI/CD and Security

With Azure, get access to advanced security measures alongside efficient CI/CD tools, ensuring your applications are both agile and safe.

Kinetic Skunk™ is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Solutions Partner for Azure Digital & App Innovation, as well as Solutions Partner in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program.

DataDog for Observability

Incorporate DataDog's monitoring tools to observe and improve the security and performance of your CI/CD processes.

Kinetic Skunk™ is a Datadog regional Delivery Partner for Africa