Our Software Test Modernisation solutions

Stay ahead in the digital race with KineticSkunk™'s cutting-edge Software Test Modernisation services. Enhance your software quality, accelerate delivery times, and reduce risks with our comprehensive, innovative testing solutions. Embrace the future of Agile and DevOps with confidence and precision.

Basic Services

Comprehensive Testing Assessments
Evaluate existing software testing processes, tools, and culture. Identify gaps and areas for improvement to align with Agile and DevOps methodologies. Deliver detailed assessment reports with strategic recommendations.
Test Process Optimisation
Streamline and enhance current testing workflows to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Integrate best practices and industry standards into the testing lifecycle. Develop policies to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to testing standards.
Quality Assurance Consulting
Provide expert guidance on establishing and maintaining high-quality assurance practices. Conduct audits and reviews to ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Develop tailored quality assurance strategies to meet specific business needs.
Test Automation Solutions
Implement advanced test automation frameworks and tools to support continuous integration and delivery. Develop and maintain automated test scripts to reduce manual testing and increase test coverage. Integrate automation into CI/CD pipelines for real-time feedback and quicker releases.

Intermediate Services

Continuous Testing Integration
Embed continuous testing practices into the software development lifecycle. Ensure testing is conducted at every stage of development, from code commit to deployment. Provide real-time monitoring and reporting of test results to quickly identify and address issues.
Shift-Left Testing Practices
Promote early testing in the software development process to identify and resolve defects sooner. Integrate testing into the development environment to catch issues before they escalate. Foster a culture of collaboration between development and testing teams.
Cloud-Based Test Execution Environments
Set up scalable and flexible cloud-based environments for test execution. Leverage cloud resources to handle varying test loads and ensure optimal performance. Enable remote access to testing environments for distributed teams.
Performance Testing
Conduct thorough performance testing to ensure software meets performance benchmarks under load. Identify performance bottlenecks and provide actionable insights for optimisation. Utilise advanced tools and techniques to simulate real-world usage scenarios.

Advanced Services

DevSecOps Integration
Incorporate security testing into the DevOps pipeline to ensure continuous security compliance. Implement automated security scans and vulnerability assessments as part of the CI/CD process. Foster a security-first mindset across development and operations teams.
Application Development Modernisation
Modernise legacy applications to improve maintainability, scalability, and performance. Adopt modern development frameworks and practices to enhance software quality. Ensure compatibility with contemporary testing and deployment methodologies.